What is Teer Game?

Well, Teer has been very well known in north east and in another area of India. This is in fact a lawful game that's mostly played Shillong (Shillong Teer counter), Khanapara, and Juwai. Basically, the game is very simple, archers from different villages or clubs come in a group in flames arrow and a Teer ground towards the mark. Advertisers then forecast the winning number in 1-100, of course when your prediction fits Shillong teer results then you definitely also win.

This game is played every day except Sunday, there are two parts of the game the first half and the second half. If your number wins then you be the one of this evening so, in a day, you can predict twice. There are lot more of the Teer counter game, here below are all the details of the Teer game, how it is played and more. Thus, keep reading.

What actually happens in Teer game?

If you don't know that Teer game is being played by different clubs at Shillong, there are about 8 clubs in total who makes this game happen. There are full 2 rounds at one day that the first half and the second half. The first part takes place and the second part of the game starts from 5:00 PM. The game takes place in an open golf ground at Shillong.

There are about 50 archers in total (they are paid approximately Rs.300 for a day) and so they fire arrows from 300 1000 at a target and most of the Archers are professional despite the fact that they have been from the village. As soon as the archers finish shooting arrows to the target the officials of the Teer counter game circulate the target with some kind of trap so that no other arrows hit and start drawing.

Today whatever amounts of arrows have hit on the Teer objective, the Teer recorded takes the previous two digits as round guess Shillong teer. If 764 arrows have struck on the target total then 64 will be the teer result. Thus, who ever called the specific number i.e. 64 will get the prize level. At precisely the same manner, you'll be able to predict on your blessed number/Teer dream number in both halves of the game.

So, this is really all in what really happens in the earth of teer. You must invest and if your prediction comes to reality then you are the winner of the game.

It's much easy to pick on a winning number; it is about the calculation along with your luck for obvious reason. What is, a fantasy number? Dream number is truly several that you'll pick which you've experienced as you sleeping at nighttime . There are plenty of listing of dream number like in case you see sensual dream afterward you're able to spend money on 03, 17 etc. on the other day that you are able to know here. It is possible to know more concerning the Teer fantasy number here.

Maybe the fantasy number trick is not happening so you can also decide to try out the mathematical calculation to find this day's Teer lucky number out. Here you'll need to create the list of the club that is been playing in the Shillong Teer counter games for weeks. And you'll have to mark the result of the second and first half of every individual nightclubs of this previous a few weeks. Now make the graph and determine how a Khanapara teer results is moving, check if it's moving up or down. By abiding by graph you need to do the calculation to decide on the number of your day.

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